Hello world!

Who are we?
The quote below is from our about us page
“After surviving 25 years of British weather and British politicians we have escaped from the rat race to enjoy some sun, some relaxation and some quality time together. We intend to do this for many years. Perhaps you’d like to join us for a fortnight?”

Why are we starting to blog?

  • There are many reasons so here are just a few
  • The holiday season in Croatia is mid July to the end of August, 6 weeks
  • The Winter is only from early November to Mid March
  • So for almost six months either side of the season we have 20-25C but no visitors
  • There is much I want to tell people about the beauties of Croatia
  • I feel there maybe a book in there somewhere so practice is good
  • There is much in the world to be passionate about
  • There is much about the world to be angry about
  • Nobody is listening but even if the truth hurts it should still be told
  • I can sit glowing with self righteousness knowing I have said my piece

What will we blog about?
Subjects that will be covered are endless,
from“Didn’t we have a lovely day the day we went to…………….”


Just about anything political, economic or social that affects and particularly contrasts the situations in Britain, Europe and Croatia. Although I have left the UK probably never to return there are still many things that cause me grief. I have, as the sociologists say, “issues”.

A good example is when I hear someone say today  “It is my right”. I was taught that “I have/had duties and responsibilities”.  It was implicit at home, school and for many years at work, that if I carried out my duties and lived up to my responsibilities then “rights” would be acquired. No rights were ever, as far as I remember, either free or automatically a given, they always had to be earned by expending effort.

In closing

Welcome to the ABC blog. We initially just wanted the blog option for guests who have stayed at “Apartmeni Lastavica” and wish to add comments, but if you have stayed in Starigrad and would like to share your experience, met Graham in a bar or just have something worthwhile to contribute feel free. In fact even if you just live in this beautiful world and want to agree or disagree with anything posted add your comment.

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