The swallows that entertain us each year

Our apartment house has 3 apartments for rental and they all have their own populations of swallows. The birds arrive in late March early April already paired up and have several nests built over the years to choose from.

The first few days there is great hubbub and fuss as they decide who is going to use which nest. Then the renovation and improvementĀ  starts, Madam is in charge and does all the building work from within the nest, Hubby simply flies around bringing back fluff small twigs and moss as well as beaks full of mud. He gets the mud by mixing soil/dust together with spit. To help them we do a bit of out of season irrigation to create a small boggy area.

This brood were particularly hungry and as I walked past I noticed that a “click” to tell a dog to pay attention would produce this reaction. It went on for about a week before they realised it would produce no tasty insects.

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