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Refreshing Krka
..from the foothills of the Dinaric Mountains through the dramatic karst landscape to its destination; the Adriatic..
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This page will give a tourist veiw of interesting places to visit in Croatia, starting with places we have been and enjoyed and hopefully expanding to an open forum for guests who have stayed with us and would like to write a tourist guide to the places they have enjoyed.

Krka National Park is 30 miles south of Zadar. The park is a most unusual location as the southern entrance, Skradin is about 13 miles inland, the saltwater inlet is navigable thus far so you will see craft more familiar to St Tropez or Monte Carlo in a marina way off from the sea. With a dozen or so bars and restaurants Skradin is a good place to take a break.

The freshwater aspect of the Park is about 30 miles long and from 2 to 4 miles wide.  To view all seven cascades of waterfalls a couple of days would be needed in order to walk from end to end. 

There is good access from the north entrance (which is really about in the middle) at Roski Slap. A short free coach ride down a spectacular gorge gives amazing views of the main lake and brings you to the site of the most spectacular cascade. There is easy walking around and over the cascade itself. You can paddle or even swim in the pool directly below the largest waterfall.  The park at this point also offers some very interesting old restored working watermills with demonstrations of baking bread in traditional manner.  You can stop and picnic most anywhere and stalls are available for locals to offer homemade produce so you can buy Olive Oil, Perfume, Sweetmeats, cheeses and a whole range of baked and preserved food.

You can spend a couple of hours and get a good flavour here, or a full day to do some serious exploring.  Just above the northern end of the park is Knin, a medieval town of great beauty, which was once the Capital of Croatia.

Entrance Fees peak July, August at £8.00 each with 25% off for kids, if you take a boat excursion either up river or down expect to pay the same again and allow 4 hours.